AHAVA invests heavily in research, development and testing to study the therapeutic effectiveness of Dead Sea minerals and other elements native to the region on the skin. Its scientists and researchers work in close cooperation with leading scientific centers in Israel and Europe. Clinical tests, independently confirmed and published in major scientific journals, prove the revitalizing effects of AHAVA’s mineral and plant-based products.

Our R&D efforts, central to the Company's mission, consist of research in several areas:

fundamental research

A special R&D program in cooperation with world leading universities, aimed at studying the physical and therapeutic features of various Dead Sea ingredients processed in nano size and applied to age-control formulations.


Fundamental research to improve the understanding of the efficacy of minerals in improving skin texture and appearance.

Ongoing projects include: • developing optimal mineral technologies and carriers, which facilitate trans-dermal delivery • studying the effects of Dead Sea minerals on human skin • identifying the role of minerals in retarding the skin aging process

product development

SPA and therapeutic products: Based on human genome research and biotechnology, AHAVA develops products focused on relieving the severity of various joint diseases.

spa and therapeutic products

Product development focusing on new niche-market specialty products as well as fast-expanding segments, that will become an integral part of AHAVA’s product offering.

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